Native Hawaiians Dole Out Peace
Queen Liliuokalani
Bruce Henry Lambert
Lambert, Bruce Henry. (2016) Native Hawaiians Dole Out Peace. Stockholm: Holy Imp Press.
ISBN 978-91-86403-00-3
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Bruce Henry Lambert
Contents from the Hawaii State Archives dated pre-1900 are in the public domain.
The Army of Hawaii was a tool of
intimidation used by the coup d'état
conspiracy under "Dandy" Dole.
This officer is indicative of the
leadership's racist mix.
Dedication To Hawaiian Queen Lili‘uokalani:
Our Queen chose the path of Peace in preference to Violence,
and maintained continuous poise regardless of indignities
(e.g., within days of the 1893 overthrow, the coup leaders were
rudely addressing Her Majesty as "Mrs. J.O. Dominis").
Long occupation ensued, and Hawaiian neutrality was abrogated.
Yet Hawaiian sons & daughters remember the choice of Peace.
Army of Hawaii Sharpshooter
Native Hawaiians Dole Out Peace
In 2015, tens of thousands of Native Hawaiian people voted peacefully for representative discussions on the native community's future.
We were then suddenly forced to await permission from distant Washington D.C., our decisions officially uncounted. The U.S. Supreme Court
stepped in to preliminarily block our progress.
But we're not yet forbidden from recounting chronic misconduct by Yankee toward Native peoples (Hawaiians and others).
Our Hawaii is now composed of many varieties of people. This makes us great! But in the midst of enforced military occupation, a few local
personalities aggressively push "free market" dependence on militarist-led America.
These polarizing mercenaries dishonor the Aloha Spirit with brazen contempt, spreading disinformation and labeling Hawaiian identification racist.
They sweep aside inconvenient truths: the illegality of the Hawaiian Kingdom's takeover, the blatant treachery of the 1893 coup plotters & their
thuggish reliance on racist armed gangs, and the continuing brutality of Hawaiian occupation & militarization.
Peaceful efforts seeking solutions are being blocked.
Native Hawaiians have too long been herded & tricked by armies, militias and paramilitary groups largely composed of imported foreign devils.
Reconciliation can be achieved by peaceful discussions between U.S. interests and the Native Hawaiian people. But Native Hawaiians have been
denied our proper inheritance. Millions of acres of stolen land are still occupied by US military forces or annexed by other outsider-imposed
governing entities. Far-away Washington D.C. invites global capital for nonresident investment in Hawaiian land. But our Land is a key shared
legacy & responsibility of Native Hawaiians, who should now be sharing the bounty of revenue-generating lands without transferring control to
outside interests. Ua Mau ke Ea o ka
ʻĀina i ka Pono.
Dr. Bruce Henry Lambert
Hawaiian Inheritance Alliance
15 December 2015
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Armed Personnel Serving the Dole Junta (transcribed names)
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"Army of Hawaii" & "Citizens' Guard" (roster page scans) ....
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This documentation names 1198 men who worked to overthrow the lawful government of Hawai'i and to suppress Native Hawaiian sovereignty.
They were responsible for grabbing control of the national treasury, all public lands, and lands held by the Hawaiian Crown. No full & proper
accounting has yet detailed or attempted to settle their crimes.
Each of these individuals is now dead. Some were honored during their lives as community leaders, some became hugely wealthy. In many cases,
their offspring & descendants still continue to enjoy the bountiful fruits of their treachery.
The lack of reconciliation continues to haunt Hawai'i. Peace & joy in our multiethnic community is blemished. Land titles are often unsettled. There
remains a lingering threat of potential violence - first unleashed by these 1198 arrogant & misguided individuals, and assisted by the armed forces of
the United States of America. May God Have Mercy on each scuzzy soul.
On 16 January 1893, John Leavitt Stevens, United States Minister to the Hawaiian Kingdom,
ordered armed invasion of the Hawaiian Kingdom by U.S. troops. His attitude toward the local people
was crystal clear, harsh & dismissive:
"... the future of the Islands must be controlled by other than the native race. These beautiful and
sunny isles, with their rich resources and splendid future possibilities, must and will be improved and
governed by an intelligent and powerful race. While the surviving natives should be most kindly dealt
with, allowed every possible opportunity to improve their condition and help themselves, it would be
throwing to the winds all past experience and historical instruction to think longer of governing the
Islands by the native race ..."
from Stevens, John L. (1893) "A Plea for Annexation." The North American Review.
On 1 Feb. 1893, Stevens unilaterally declared Hawaii a "protectorate of the United States of America"
and ordered the American flag raised over the government building in Honolulu.
Stevens' presumption was subsequently disavowed & rebuked by Washington, and the U.S. flag taken down. Stevens himself was soon
compelled to relinquish charge as U.S. Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary & summarily recalled (18 May 1893), and
officially censured (U.S. House 9 Feb. 1894, by vote of 175 to 57).
On 16 - 17 Jan. 1893, U.S. troops with Gatling guns suddenly came ashore and took up key positions
around Honolulu, instituting an armed coup d'état by a "Provisional Government" under the direction
& protection of U.S. Minister Stevens. They forced Hawaii's Queen, Lili‘uokalani, to relinquish
control of the government.
Queen Lili‘uokalani
17 January 1893, Honolulu
"I, Lili‘uokalani, by the Grace of God and under the Constitution of the Hawaiian Kingdom, Queen, do hereby solemnly protest against
any and all acts done against myself and the Constitutional Government of the Hawaiian Kingdom by certain persons claiming to have
established a Provisional Government of and for this Kingdom. That I yield to the superior force of the United States of America whose
Minister Plenipotentiary, His Excellency John L. Stevens, has caused United States troops to be landed at Honolulu and declared that he
would support the Provisional Government. Now to avoid any collision of armed forces, and perhaps the loss of life, I do this under
protest and impelled by said force yield my authority until such time as the Government of the United States shall, upon facts being
presented to it, undo the action of its representatives and reinstate me in the authority which I claim as the Constitutional Sovereign of
the Hawaiian Islands."
Violence against the Native Hawaiian people continued, with the USA taking advantage in defiance
of international law. Many in far-away Washington D.C. condemned the takeover (but talk is cheap!)
United States President Grover Cleveland
to the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives:
18 December 1893, Washington, D.C.
" ... I believe that a candid and thorough examination of the facts will force the conviction that the provisional government owes its
existence to an armed invasion by the United States. Fair-minded people with the evidence before them will hardly claim that the
Hawaiian Government was overthrown by the people of the islands or that the provisional government had ever existed with their
consent. I do not understand that any member of this government claims that the people would uphold it by their suffrages if they were
allowed to vote on the question. ...
By an act of war, committed with the participation of a diplomatic representative of the United States and without authority of
Congress, the Government of a feeble but friendly and confiding people has been overthrown. A substantial wrong has thus been done
which a due regard for our national character as well as the rights of the injured people requires we should endeavor to repair. ..."
United States Public Law 103-150 "Apology Resolution" (excerpt):
Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,
The Congress
(1) on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the illegal overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii on January 17, 1893, acknowledges the historical
significance of this event which resulted in the suppression of the inherent sovereignty of the Native Hawaiian people;
(2) recognizes and commends efforts of reconciliation initiated by the State of Hawaii and the United Church of Christ with Native Hawaiians;
(3) apologizes to Native Hawaiians on behalf of the people of the United States for the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii on January 17, 1893
with the participation of agents and citizens of the United States, and the deprivation of the rights of Native Hawaiians to self-determination;
(4) expresses its commitment to acknowledge the ramifications of the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii, in order to provide a proper
foundation for reconciliation between the United States and the Native Hawaiian people; and
(5) urges the President of the United States to also acknowledge the ramifications of the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii and to support
reconciliation efforts between the United States and the Native Hawaiian people.
Passed by the U.S. Congress & signed by U.S. President William J. Clinton, 23 November 1993
Jan. 1893: deployment of U.S. troops in Honolulu
during the removal of Queen Lili‘uokalani
and overthrow of Native government
Hawaii State Archives. Call Number: PP-36-3-002
17 Jan. 1893: Deployment of
United States Marines &
US Naval forces from the U.S.S. Boston,
overthrowing the Kingdom of Hawaii
Hawaii State Archives. Call Number: PP-36-3-003
Tei Ka Hai Ku
by Genki
Ancestral body
Mercenary Grassroots Boy
Whispering Aloha
Military whore
Grunting for Yankee dollar
Washington D.C.
Hawaiian Season
Scents of flowers, moist rich earth...
Gathering Goodness
Who's Dirty?
Hawaiians have suffered untold harm since 1893. Not only did the coup plotters abrogate the Hawaiian Monarchy, but Queen Lili‘uokalani was
physically threatened, and her character vilely besmirched by subversive mudslingers. Sanford B. "Dandy" Dole & cronies were wholly revolting!
U.S. Minister Stevens was a key part of the conspiracy to overthrow the Hawaiian Monarchy and abrogate Hawaiian neutrality; but assorted other
non-native residents participated before & afterward. On 17 Jan. the conspirators were prepared for their coup d'état with a printed Proclamation
detailing the rationale for their actions. Also that day the coup leaders wrote to each Ambassador & Consul of the diplomatic corps based in Honolulu
(who may have been forewarned). "The Provisional Government" enclosed a typeset Proclamation and officially requested they be recognized "as the
existing de facto Government of the Hawaiian Islands and afford to it the moral support of your Government." The Royal Swedish & Norwegian
Consulate in Honolulu was staffed by Consul H.W. Schmidt, a prominent Honolulu businessman (b. Bremen, Germany 16 Nov. 1846). His
Excellency Schmidt quickly communicated his official support to the Dole cabal (18 Jan., receipt from Dole et al. dated 20 Jan), and then wrote a
two-page letter to the Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs in Stockholm (18 Jan.) hurriedly describing the "revolution which has taken place in
Honolulu and which directly was caused by the Queen herself" and that on behalf of Sweden and Norway he had already recognized the de facto
Government under the circumstances. Schmidt had been honored by H.M. King Kalakaua in 1884 (age 38 as Acting Consul) with the "Royal Order
of the Crown of Hawaii" and by H.M. King Oscar of Sweden with the Royal Order of Vasa. Yet H.W. Schmidt took up arms in the paramilitary
"Citizen's Guard" (Squad 4) while continuing as Consul through early 1899. Schmidt's sympathies with the coup's leaders were clear in his report to
the Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs: (24 Jan 1893) "It seems that a change in the state of affairs was an utter necessity and consequently
unavoidable." and (25 Jan 1893) "The people, particularly the white and educated, wanted good men at the head of affairs, whose duty it was to be to
effect a more beneficial treaty with the United States. By strenuous efforts such men were appointed, but the Native legislaturers, induced by the
Queen, voted them out of office again." and "Now the only hope of all respectable people on these Islands lies in a closer union with the United
States, in order to secure protection against native supremacy, to foster our trade, to enable planters to continue their enterprises successfully, to
protect bankers and capitalists who have made large investments here, to secure peace and prosperity and to spread christianity and civilization."
Being myself of mixed race (Hawaiian, Scottish, English, German, Chinese, etc. ancestry), and a product of a progressive upbringing, I don't sort
people with racial screens, or filter friends that way. (I generally like people, and bluntly, any type of person may be a butthole). But we who are
alive with aloha and enjoy variety must recognize many people think differently. At the time of the overthrow, many considered "Whites" quite
distinct from the Native Hawaiians & half-breeds, and orientals. The conspirators of 1893 and their supporters were traitors who deliberately made
use of racism for economic gain. They enrolled sailors, scallywags, and imported riffraff to suppress Hawaii's indigenous population. The attached
photos amply show fearsome paramilitary power. The physical threat of violence to the peaceful population was soon matched by cultural
dismemberment, which even today acts to hobble the Native Hawaiian people, as "Blood quantum" limits were imposed to regulate inheritance.
Look Carefully at the Photographs attached --
Yankee Brought Violence, Militarism, Intimidation & Fear to Hawai'i !
Swindle: Creating Lesser Hawaiians, Seizing Hawaiian Lands
Do we deserve our inheritance? It doesn't matter...
Native Hawaiian people are proper heirs to land, resources, responsibilities, history, culture, obligations, money, heritage, etc. But many substantial
parts of our inheritance are withheld from us. Native Hawaiian land dispossession has been a continuous & purposeful effort by U.S. interests.
Others in the wider community envy our inheritance. Some falsely claim no native Hawaiian people survive, or we're inauthentic if using modern
tools. This is balderdash, but militarism plus jealousy suppress us.
Our enemies aim to splinter us. Nobody thinks twice when rich folk of the Rockefeller clan inherit land & wealth from their grandparents or great-
grandparents. But if it's an injun, or Aleut, or Hawaiian, we blabber of 'blood quantum' -- Hijacked thought processes & deliberately-fueled
factionalism control Hawai'i.
Hawai‘i's now a placid harbor for hereditary wealth from around the world, as absentee ownership is pricing our own young people out of the market.
The US government invites unlimited property speculation & prohibits local immigration controls. Yankee took & occupied huge lands for military
forces. Our Hawaiian ancestors were denied homelands, or forced to wait, and lost access to military-allotted lands. The Feds established Majestic
Hawaii, pompous & expensive. Let's instead create opportunities for young Hawaiians to stay rural & thrive, and promote more stable communities.
Our diaspora has been forced by militarism, racism, and economic starvation.
Our key issue is inheritance. Imagine a large legal trust & we with native Hawaiian ancestry are heirs & beneficiaries to this great estate Hawai‘i. Our
inheritance is not a reparation, nor an entitlement program, nor does it infringe on "equal opportunity" for other residents. We Hawaiians naturally
inherit cultural legacy & common treasures, land, sea & air. But we've also legally-recognized inheritance & property rights under well-established
legal precedent. We Hawaiians should inherit as next-of-kin our common lands & seas we've worked, upgraded and protected for centuries.
Examples: When great-grandmother dies, age 85, her three great-grandchildren are perhaps each willed a third share of her estate. The fact is never
mentioned that each is only 1/8th genetically descended from great-grannie. Yet the present systems of the USA and State of Hawai‘i abuse people of
native Hawaiian ancestry, as Washington D.C. divides the Hawaiian community with "blood quantum" arguments. Each of us has ancestors who
never saw a non-Hawaiian, but we welcomed newcomers, and intermarried with adventurous outsiders. This is not evil. But the US federal Hawaiian
Homestead administration wrongly dispossesses & unfairly penalizes most mixed-race people. Inheritance should be secure for future generations
regardless of whoever or not native Hawaiians marry; and decades waiting for land is outrageous.
The Dukedom of Sutherland is a UK peerage created in 1833. In 2000 the present 7th Duke inherited his lands, titles & art collection now valued at
over $800 million. His bloodline as "heir of the body" to the first Duke is 1/64th. Nobody asks of his sympathies; his cultural understanding was
insignificant to inheritance.
American families typically inherit smoothly without reproach. For example, who's a Rockefeller? Wealthy industrialist John D. Rockefeller married
Cettie Spellman, outside his blood family, so by "blood quantum" with father as basis the children were at most half Rockefeller (and half Spellman).
Grandchild Nelson Rockefeller, former US Vice-President, was thus 25% Rockefeller blood quantum. Great-grandchildren (e.g. Sen. Jay Rockefeller
& the late Arkansas Lt. Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller) have a bloodline one-eighth Rockefeller. This doesn't interfere at all with inheritance of wealth,
property or family pride, limit where they live or who they might marry.
Proper inheritance for Native Hawaiians need not fundamentally damage our wider multiethnic community. In many families now, simple
intergenerational inheritance fluctuates among individual members. There's no need for violence, mud-slinging, or maligning others as parasites.
Non-Hawaiians will envy our inheritance. But we are already accustomed to wealthy people with family money living amongst us. Make no apology!
Be a Proud Land-owning Hawaiian.
We struggle today with a U.S. Federal system allowing too much of Hawai‘i to be indiscriminately sold to non-resident non-Native speculators.
Australia, Cayman Isles, Jersey, Rapa Nui, etc. limit or discourage non-resident speculation in property; Hawai‘i might do likewise (at least in some
zones) by developing qualifications for purchasing, or with new taxation formats. We need more lands for the Hawaiian nation, more lands for each
Hawaiian family, better balance and prosperity.
The Hawaiian Kingdom was a neutral nation. Our international treaties guaranteed neutrality. Hawai'i's Occupation has been costly. Since Hawai'i's
illegal takeover, huge lands & complete islands have been exploited by the American military. If we minimize the occupying G.I. Joe footprint, we'll
have more lands for Hawaiian nation-building & for local young people. We need not each agree about American exceptionalism. We are most of us
American citizens and proud of that fact. From the prosperity of our inheritance we'll be able to operate more creatively in the future. Such energies
from the wider community served to protect our environment with the billboard ban & shoreline access. Let Hawaiian beauty bloom!
We should inherit the wealth and beautiful lands stolen from us. We also inherit a
great heritage, with obligations to protect & defend our environment: Ua Mau ke
Ea o ka ‘
Āina i ka Pono. Native Hawaiians are heirs to the Hawaiian archipelago.
Overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy was a politicized & polarizing topic around the USA. Media credibility was often minimal.
The Provisional Government / Republic of Hawaii kept armed control over the local Native people. The militia included vigilantes and mercenaries.
Non-native residents were encouraged to serve in the "Citizens' Guard" although not citizens, while Native Hawaiians & Asians were unwelcome.
Hawaii State Archives. Call Number: PP-51-10-008
The Provisional Govt. / Republic of Hawaii imposed paramilitary control over the local Native people & trashed Hawaii's international neutrality.
Hawaii State Archives. Call Number: PP-51-10-009
'Iolani Palace in Honolulu -- After Takeover & Overthrow of the Native Government by the US Military & Yankee Businessmen
Hawaii State Archives. Call Number: PP-51-11-001
Non-native residents were encouraged to serve in the "Citizens' Guard" although not citizens; this militia included vigilantes and mercenaries.
Hawaii State Archives. Call number: PP-51-11-004
Why is Native Hawaiian inheritance now more complex and discriminatory compared with elsewhere?
Answer: Externally-imposed racist "Blood Quantum" divisions. Yankee has hoodwinked Hawaiian inheritance.
Hawaiians should inherit by Right, via Family Descent. Inheriting from "one-quarter" (one grandparent) is natural everywhere !
That Native Hawaiians combine to seek relief is not "racial discrimination" or "based solely upon race!" any more than if a
family combines to seek justice. Yes, the family share a racial dimension, but that's not license to steal from them!
Brute force & show of arms by the Provisional Government & Republic of Hawaii militias threatened the local population.
Hawaii State Archives. Call Number: PP-51-10-006
These "Citizens' Guard" photos sought to preempt external efforts to reinstate the Hawaiian Monarchy & intimidate any local dissent.
Hawaii State Archives. Call Number: PP-51-11-009
War on Hawaiian Natives, 1895: Line of March, Manoa Valley
Hawaii State Archives. Call number: PP-53-4-011
Self-styled President of Hawaii -- Sanford B. "Dandy" Dole: The coup leader and his aides-de-camp, 1895
Hawaii State Archives. Call number: PP-53-4-009
War on Hawaiian Natives, 1895: "Putting Down the Native Rebellion"
Hawaii State Archives. Call number: PP-53-6-006
War on Hawaiian Natives, 1895: Battalion Officers
Hawaii State Archives. Call number: PP-53-4-005
War on Hawaiian Natives, 1895: Looking for "Rebels" (Local Hawaiians loyal to the Queen)
Hawaii State Archives. Call number: PP-53-4-003
Hawaiians are Struggling to Survive
Native Hawaiian people require more; our ongoing claims will not disappear. We must work hard now for peaceful change. The injustices of the
overthrow, past promises unmet, racist & militarist suppression, are sufficient to trigger bitter complaint and retaliation. I do not want violence, loss
of life, ethnic cleansing, destruction of property.
Native Hawaiian people must regain control of our inheritance. I hope we can reaffirm neutrality, and aim to demilitarize. There are many
collaborative models to investigate, such as those of other Native American nations with the USA or Canada, Wales & Scotland with England and
the UK, the Sami people with the Nordic nations, Svalbard, etc.
At the time of the overthrow, the colonial powers operated differently than nations today. Local people throughout the world were belittled, and some
were eliminated. The Hawaiian Kingdom had late & limited access to the language, knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the many tempests
suddenly brought to our shores. A large proportion of our people were killed by foreign viruses. Those who survived needed to contend with abrupt
modernization, new language, and often devious cultural encroachment. Many English-language press reports of the 1890s were disinformation,
"news" created to support strategy, with undisguised contempt for "natives & half-castes" obstinately in the way of personal profits & colonial
expansionism. Yet our people survive!
Native Hawaiians now have spokespersons, legal representatives, and widespread energies for achieving justice & wresting back control of our
inheritance. For example, Mauna Kea is continually desecrated for global scientific purposes; the workers know little or nothing about Poli
ʻahu, and
possibly don't care. The world's tallest mountain deserves respect. We've learned to respect the churches & historic sites of other cultures; our local
people and cultural sensitivities are important. Outside-generated projects need more oversight.
As our world changes, news is almost instantaneous, reported from multiple perspectives. Brute military force is often ineffective, and increasingly
resented. Could it soon be advantageous for the USA to cultivate Hawai
ʻi as a neutral central Pacific partner? We're tough & forward
-looking. Most
of us recognize the beauty & wonder around us, even amidst irksome tasks. Hawai
ʻi has much to offer the world. I'd like to se
e well-built Aloha
Centers in many communities, including some on the mainland and further afield, to showoff Hawaiian diversity to the world. We need a Hometown
Hawaii process to mitigate our crippling diaspora; outreach is key to our success.
We must prepare for assorted troubles. We cannot expect U.S. Federal occupation will smoothly end with graceful withdrawal. It is essential we
generate support. We’ll need help on legal formats and tactics; we now need better publicity. The upcoming congress will trigger major boredom &
active ambush; supporters of Hawai’i might please start seeking ways we can outsource and overcome predictable roadblocks.
Can we find ways to get wide segments of our community working together? Many find politics, law & administration tiresome and ill-suited.
Looking at
the wider success of the Hōkūleʻa, I imagine we can (re)generate community success with fishponds and hukilau, getting down & dirty in
a taro patch, evening meetings, children’s games, local food appreciation. We must continually mobilize diverse native Hawaiian fronts and keep a
wide range of ongoing cultural projects and practices active.
Hawaiʻi's long history as a welcoming community is extremely valuable & need not be damaged. Let's widely spread Aloha.
Future Scenarios
The U.S. Supreme Court contemplates questions of race and entitlement in Hawaiʻi while disregarding huge crimes. Rice vs. Cayetano (2000) and
now Akina v. State of Hawaii preach to our mostly mixed-race community about racism, while keeping most Native Hawaiians hamstrung &
penned-up as if landless domesticated animals. The Court is silent on the continuing and fundamental illegality of takeover, annexation, occupation,
and incorporation as a U.S. state, and the suffering of community diaspora. Deliberately ignored is normal inheritance: Hawaiians as descendents
have valid claims to land ownership, wealth and power. U.S. Presidents and much of Congress in 1893 and 1993 apologized for the American
government's illegal activities interfering with Hawaiian government, but apologies are insufficient. The blue seas and green hillsides of Hawai
sacred lands are being looted and polluted, as we get mere scraps of sympathy and judicial obstruction. The Hawaiian people have been suppressed
by force; there's no Justice in that. Denying Hawaiians our right to exist is outrage.
This pamphlet illustrates how vicious, dangerous armed goons were harshly used to patrol Hawaiian streets and suppress dissent. Subsequent martial
law and the voraciousness of GI Joe in gobbling our lands have been poorly documented. Within Hawai
ʻi, local criticism of American militarism is
somewhat muted in appreciation of individual servicepeople and their sacrifice, or in respect to military business interests, while locally-elected
politicians have needed to cultivate the military vote. But there's no doubt the Hawaiian archipelago has been overrun by the American military.
The U.S. military is parked on Hawaiian land. Our inheritance is labeled racist only because Yankee wants to steal more land.
What's ahead?
-- Many will continue to do nothing.
-- Most Native Hawaiians will continue to struggle economically. Wonderful Hawaiian hospitality continues to suffer abuse. Local networks will
help with job referrals for smiling cheerful doormen, service personnel and entertainers. ALOOOWWWHA!
-- Some will continue advocating peacefully for change. Education & community activities help the world know: Hawaiians are not a dead people.
-- I'm afraid some might replicate the Mau Mau (Kenya's Kikuyu Emergency) & trigger violence. High land prices rely on happy, hospitable natives.
-- The Hawaiian Nation will regain it's place as a beautiful, peaceful, tolerant, and militarily-neutral destination, attractive to all types of people.
-- Changing cost considerations could lead to closure of some U.S. bases in Hawai
and partial military withdrawal.
-- The U.S. Government and the Hawaii State Government might offer a financial settlement with individual Native Hawaiians and the wider
community, paying reparations, relinquishing land, seeking reconciliation. It's unlikely this will happen unilaterally & unforced after so very many
decades of neglect & suppression, but let's peacefully continue demanding our Native Hawaiian inheritance.
-- The 2016 USA General Election will frustrate & further marginalize Americans who become able to hear our cries:
"Let My People Go."
-- Native Hawaiian self-government will once again become a reality.
Poetry by Genki
GI's rule HI
We fight over
Island Warriors ...
Unborn hopes and dreams?
Theft of our past & future
Youth who must migrate.
Inheriting wealth
Wistful prayers shift to action
Kanaka Justice!
References & Reading List
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The North American Review. Vol. 157, No. 445 (Dec., 1893), pp. 731-752.
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Against the Republic of Hawaii - List of Officers and Members of the National Guard of Hawaii and the
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(dated 30 Jan 1895), Honolulu: The Hawaiian Star.
Above scanned online copy crosschecked for legibility with copy in the Swedish National Archives
Another full text (.pdf) download at:
Wetmore, Claude B. (1893) "The Story of Wiltse." in
The Morning Call, San Francisco, 19 November 1893,
Vol.74, No.172, p.2.
As of 2016, Hawai'i's economy is strongly dependent on
Aloha, the world-famous Hawaiian creation. Aloha
has been cornerstone of the indigenous culture for many centuries - it's not an import from Asia or Europe, it
was not a gift from the missionaries. The hospitality industry trades on Aloha, but
Aloha is now threatened.
Aloha is Threatened because Native Hawaiians are ignored.
Aloha is Threatened as those who've cared for the local land & seas for centuries are made homeless.
Aloha is Threatened as U.S. occupation allows a half-dozen military golf courses on confiscated lands.
We Native Hawaiians, inheriting ancient rights & responsibilities, declare Aloha Now Threatened!
Army of Hawaii & "Citizens' Guard" rosters: reprinted verbatim from:
Towse, Edward (ed.). (1895) The Rebellion of 1895: A Complete History of the Insurrection Against the Republic of Hawaii - List of Officers and Members of the
National Guard of Hawaii and the Citizens' Guard.
(dated 30 Jan 1895), Honolulu: The Hawaiian Star. (source scan attached)
ARMY OF HAWAII total roster list 458 officers & soldiers
CITIZENS' GUARD total roster list 740 paramilitary forces
Total Forces: 1198 men: armed, threatening, dangerous, deadly
Note: very few Native Hawaiian names are included, and none amongst the officers.
Non-native residents were encouraged to serve in the "Citizens' Guard" (citizenship not required); Native Hawaiians & Asians were unwelcome.
Her Majesty Queen Lili'uokalani explicitly condemned her own inability against subversive ruthlessness.
see: Lili'uokalani, Queen of Hawaii (1898) Hawaii's Story by Hawaii's Queen. Chapter XXIX
"For many years our sovereigns had welcomed the advice of, and given full representations in their
government and councils to,
American residents who had cast in their lot with our people, and
established industries on the Islands. As they became wealthy, and acquired titles to lands through the
simplicity of our people and their ignorance of values and of the new land laws, their greed and their love
of power proportionately increased... Although settled among us, and drawing their wealth from our
resources, they were alien to us in their customs and ideas...
if we manifested any incompetency, it
was in not foreseeing that they would be bound by no obligations, by honor, or by oath of
, should an opportunity arise for seizing our country..." -- Queen Lili'uokalani
We might assume many of these traitorous villains were used & then discarded by their greedy leaders, who boldly used their brute force, weapons,
images and names to intimidate and subdue the local population, and to deter outside support for the legal government & Hawaiian Monarchy.
Their theft was immeasurable. We can never forget they trampled upon Her Majesty the Queen, and took rude advantage of Hawaiian Aloha.
The Hawaiian Government has not yet reasonably addressed the violence, racism, greed & treason of these 1198 men.
The below lists of 1198 militia forces are transcribed from rosters published by The Hawaiian Star in 1895.
Full text (.pdf) download via:
Commander-in-Chief—Sanford B. Dole, President of the Republic.
Adjutant-General—John H. Soper.
Major on the President's Staff—Geo. C. Potter.
Lieutenant- Colonel Commanding First Regiment—J. H. Fisher.
Post Adjutant—Captain J. W. Pratt.
Surgeon—Captain C. B. Cooper.
Ordnance Officer—Captain A. Gartenberg.
Quartermaster—Captain W G. Ashley.
Non-Com. Staff- Sergt.-Major, Ed. Towse; Hospital Steward, L. H. Hough; Drum Major. W. C. King.
Volunteer Aides to the Lieutenant-Colonel—L. C. Ables, H. C. Myers, H. Laws.
In the early part of the war, for a few days, Captain W. W. Hall served as Quartermaster.
Colonel W. A. Whiting, who presides over the Court Martial, and Captain W. A. Kinney, Judge Advocate, have been commissioned since the war.
Smith, P.
Adler, L.
1st Lieut.
Emmeluth, J.
Aguiar, A.
Lycett, W.
2nd Lieut.
Rowald, F.
Bruce, G.
Milton, G.
Lecker, J. J.
Bortfeld, C.
Manners, A. H.
Osmer, J. L.
Brown. D. K.
Mahelona, J.
Dushalsky, J. L.
Becker, J.
Meine, H.
Fetter, W.
Dalf, J.
D. L.
Bamberger, C.
Dushalsky, J.
atke, H.
Wieland, C.
Fetter, O.
Sousa, P.
Decker, S.
Gumpfer, S.
Staker, W. E.
Morris, J.
Gravier, A.
Swift, H. A
Pannenberg, P.
Honeik, F.
Scott, G. W.
Moldenhaver, P.
Hill, A.
Siegener, L.
Carter, J. L.
Iosepa, J.
Schneider, B.
Fennemann, B.
Kamaka, S.
Varina, N.
Smith, W. H.
Knudson, O.
Weimann, C.
Fetter, E.
Kanuu, J.
son, G.
Carroll, J.
Keliipio, L.D.
Zablan, B.
Anton, H.
Wall,Thos. E.
Cooke, M.
Olsen, E.
1st Lieut.
L. Kenake
Du Roi, C.
Otterson, G.
2nd Lieut.
E. O. White.
Edwards, G. L.
Podeyn, K.
Wayson, Dr.
Frasher, C. E.
Petrie, F. H.
Jacobson, E. A.
Frien, P.
Pfeiffer, C. H.
Giles, H. A.
Gray, C. B.
Prescott, A. S.
Armstrong, W. D.
Hagens, J. F. C.
Pond, W. H.
Reynolds, C.
Howard, W. S.
Rice, W. H. Jr.
Atherton, C. H.
Halstead, R. W.
Schmidt, W. F.
Weedon, W. C.
Hughs, P. J.
Sherin, Jas.
Weight, C. S.
Harding, J.
Smith Armstrong.
Stackable, E. R.
Hammer, T.
Stanley, W. H.
Klugel, Geo.
Johnson, W. H.
Storery, W. F.
Foster, C. M. V.
Johnson, P.
Strachen, H. T.
Bertizoff. A.
Johnson, M. G.
Tempelton, W. N.
Thrum, D.
, W.
Thrum, F. W.
Hall. C. S.
Lewis, H.
Thompson, J. G.
Collins, C. R.
Lounsbury, W. C.
Tracy, C. H.
Angus, F. B.
Van Camp, I.
Cottrell, C. B.
McCandless, E. J.
Waity, H. T.
Cooke, A. F.
McCandless, C. J.
Wight, Wm.
Cavanaugh, Geo.
Marx, B. S.
Wright, W.
Chamberlain, W.
Neldner, C.
Waterhouse, F.
Carter, F. W.
Camara Jr, J. M.
Chaves, J. V
Matos, D. J. L.
1st Lieut.
Costa, M.
Cabral, M. J.
Miranda, M. R, de
2nd Lieut.
Gonsalves, J. A.
Costa, J. de.
Melin, Theo. P.
Ferreira, J. M.
o, J.
Mello, M.
Quintal, J. A.
Deniz, M.
Machado, John
Silva, Ernest.
Ferreira, J.
Nobriga, J. F.
Gomes, M.
Fernandes, L.
Pregil, Jose G.
Faria, A. J.
Faria, M. G.
Pregil, John G.
Bright, A. D.
Freitas, F.
Puerta, Juan.
Santo, J. E.
Gonveia Jr, J.
Pereira, Luiz J.
Garcial, J.
Guindinho, M.
Pacheco, M. C.
Fernandes, J.
Gomes, Ant.
Rodrigues, M.
Costa, Paul.
Goes, M. C.
Rodrigues, J. (1).
Martins, J.
Gomes, John.
Rodrigues, J. (2).
Machado, J.
Guindinho, M. C.
a, J. F.
Silva, J.
Guindinho, Joe.
Santo, John E.
Ales, J. R.
Joaquin, Ant.
Silva, J. L. F.
Baptista, M.
Lindo, Ant.
Silva, M.
Caldeira, J.
Lopez, Joe.
Silva, A. C.
Camacho, J. G.
Souza, A. F.
Cabral, J.
Monte, M. R
Silva, Fred.
Wilder, W. C.
Crane. J. C.
Nott, W.
1st Lieut.
Jones, J. W.
Clay, J. F.
Nelson, G.
2nd Lieut.
Torbert, J. L.
Drummond, M. H.
Newby, L.
Crozier, C.
Everett, C. H.
O'Connor, J.
Oat, F. B.
Evans, H.
O'Halloran, M. F.
Fagerroos, V. J.
neul, C. J.
Padgett, H. S.
Cutter, F. I.
Gumpper, A.
Powell, J.
McInerny, E. A.
Gibbs, A. T.
Phillips, M.
Bergstrom, O.
Gere, G. H.
Rowell, W. E.
Sims, W. R.
Hickey, F.
Ross, G. C.
Kennedy, J. A.
Henricksen, J.
Ramsey, C. H.
er, J.
Hilbron, W.
Rumsey, F. L.
Clark, A. F.
Hammer, A.
Smith. F. C.
Burnett, P. H.
Hill, G. M.
Smith, G. W.
Boyd, W.
Johnson, L. M.
Sanford, J. H.
Dexter, R. A.
Johnson, J. A.
Scott, I. J.
Johnson, W. P.
Johnson, W. R.
Salter, S. J.
y, W. G.
Krager. C.
Spooner, W.
Aldrich, E. C.
Kilby, F. H.
Standen, H.
Bergerson, B.
Luscomb, H.
Tideman, O.
Brown, H. C.
Lang, J. G.
Tucker, J. D.
Bailey, G. H.
Lawler. F.
Timmons, L. D.
Butler, H. C.
Louisson, S.
H. A.
Campbell, B. R.
Mossman, H. J.
Westbrook, J. E.
Christley, T.
Mearns, T.
Williams, C.
Crozier, D.
Myhre, H.
Wickander, F.
Crane, C S.
Murphy, P.
Westorby, R. B.
1st Lieut.
Coyne, A.
Conklin, U.
Ladiges, E. R.
2nd Lieut.
King, G. W. R.
r, E.
McDonald. W. E.
McGowan, W. A. K.
Elson, J. D.
Machado, J.
Smith. W. J.
Eklund, C. E.
Madaira, F. F.
Moore, L. A.
Faria, J. A.
Middleton, J. A.
Stanmore, A. P.
Fisher, A.
Miller. E. E.
Seybold. J.
Fowler, M.
Miller, J. W. S.
Bixby, W.
Fuller, J. H.
Neely, A. W.
Schafer, J.
Govea, J. (1)
Connor. P. O.
Friel, W.
Govea, J. (2)
Pimental, L.
Elvin, C.
Gepput, A.
Sylva, A.
Johnson, O. C.
Guindinho, A.
Short, J. W.
Herrick, W. E.
Gaspar, J.
Stenginnsen, E.
ley, H. S.
Gillis, J.
Taylor, H. A.
Buchanan, A.
Goodman, G.
Thorston, G.
Bowes, J. W.
Johanson, A. K.
Bassiner, H. V.
Costa Jr, J.
Jones. W. A.
Wetherbee, J. B.
Carvalaho, J. J.
Lubeck, H.
Warner. F.
Carlyle, W. W.
Lubeck, C.
John Good, Jr., is captain of this company. He has been away three months on sick leave. Captain Good is a brave man,
a fine tactician and made a record for himself in the '93 turnover. Leiut. Coyne's handling of the company during the Rebellion
was entirely satisfactory.
Zeigler, C. W.
Luddeke, W.
Albert, J. J.
1st Lieut.
Ludewig, H.
Gomes, F.
Smith, W. A.
2nd Lieut.
Burgett, Iva A.
Ellenberg, C.
Svenson, J. M.
McKeague, J. H.
Herskind, C.
Flynn, C. O.
Cook, H.
Nalor, J. W.
Bento, F. P.
Wells, C. B.
Peterson, W.
Schaefer, A.
McAulton, A.
Duschalsky, R.
Truka, J.
Evenson, J.
Von Berg, S.
Loman, C.
Stineman, C.
Dahlstrom, H.
Gundersen, A.
Naylor, H. S.
Frey, E.
Myers, L.
Gumpter, H.
Pierson, G.
Bouk, C.
Ferry, F.
Gray, M.
John Halverson,
Phillips, A.
Johansen, C. L.
Gunther, Gus.
Stanton, E.
Vollberg, H.
Johnson, F.
Turner, W.
France, F.
King, Thos.
Perreria, C. R.
Mulleitner, C.
Degreaves, J.
Vierra, C.
McClellan, A.
Wagner, C.
Vivishaves, J.
selbring, A.
Mulholland, J.
Fredersdorff, R.
Fitsimmons, A. R.
Johnson, Sam.
Dias, J.
Held, L. L.
Reade, H. M.
Duarte, A
John Kidwell.
Emerson, J. S.
McChesney, J. M.
1st Lieut.
Dodge, F. S.
Farnsworth, John.
Monsarrat, W. F.
2nd Lieut.
Wall. W. E.
W. J.
Marsden. Jos.
McLean, Jas.
Gibson, Jas.
Nichol, A. E.
Emerson, Dr. N. B.
Grace, John.
Peck, Rev. H. W.
McCandless, L L.
Gilfillan, Archie.
Philip, M.
McVeigh, J. D.
Hustace Frank.
Rice, C. A.
Keech, A. W.
Hosmer, Prof. F. A.
Saunders, M. W.
Clifford. F.
Johnson, C.
Scott, John F.
McCandless, J. S.
Judd, Allen.
Schuman. G.
Martin, J. S.
La Pierra, L. L.
Wall, C. J.
Armstrong, J.
Leslie, Fred. L.
Wall, W. A.
Castle, J. B.
Lyons, Dan.
Wall. O. E.
Cassidy, John.
Murphy, A. E.
Wilkinson, W. H.
Corbett, D. W.
Magoon, J. A.
Winston, E. C.
Dillingham, W. F.
McCandless, J. A.
Whitney, J. W.
Damon. F. B.
McCandless, Wm.
Wood, A. B.
Emerson. Rev. O. P.
McChesney, Fred.
Warson, R. L.
F. B. McStocker—Captain Commanding.
G. P. Castle—First Lieutenant, C. B. Ripley—Second Lieutenant.
C. B. Wood—Third Lieutenant.
Geo. C. Stratemeyer—Orderly. R. C. A. Peterson—Orderly.
Dillingham, B. F.
Cooper, H. E.
Gonsalves, A.
1st Corp.
Werriek, A.
Frear, W. F.
2nd Corp.
Philp, F.
Rowe, R. L.
Smith, Man'l.
Mason, W. H.
Young Jr, A.
Rais, A.
Forest, Thos.
Wright, J. N.
Allardt, C. F.
Alexander, W. D.
McAngus, A.
Breham, N.
Klugel, C. H.
Spaulding, E. I.
Crandell, E. C.
Alexander Jr, W.
Gedge, N.
Crockett, A. W.
Lyons, A. B.
Gonsalves, M. A.
Davis, F. A.
Davis, H.
Matos, J. S.
Evers, J. J.
Parker, F. N.
Peres, J.
Gilman, J. A.
Whitney, J. M.
Borges, M.
Havengill, L. D.
Montano, A. A.
Matos, J.
Kidd, Alex.
Lyons, C. J.
Amaral, M.
Robertson, Geo. H.
Wilhelm. F.
Temis, F. G.
Purdy, H.
Carter, C. L.
Pestano, J. C.
Taylor, H. T.
Brown, J. F.
Rodriques. J. P.
Hutchins, A. G.
Scott, M. M.
Fernandes, J.
Beckwith, W. E.
Dimond, W. W.
s, J. M.
Lorenzen, F. C.
Smith, Thos.
Anderson, R. W.
1st Corp.
Brown, C. A.
Marks, L.
Schultze, H.
2nd Corp.
Atwater, W. O.
Cant, E.
Humburg. J.
King, T. J.
Tillander, O.
Lillie, R. I.
Shepherd, P. P.
oatfield, C.
Berlowitz, W.
Wolfe, C. F.
Parke, W. C.
Kruger, F.
Lucas, J.
Paris, E. H.
Kraft, A.
Fishel, C. J.
Ward, L. de L.
Williams, J. J.
Tenney, E. D.
Levy, M. S.
Wilder, W. C.
Busnell, L.
Sterling, C.
Joseph. L.
Lyman, F.
Schlief, J.
Le Clair, E.
McKeague, S.
Lycett, J.
Nightingale, J. F.
Jacobsen. N. O.
Lowrey, F. J.
Castle, W. R.
Sachs, N. S.
1st. Corp.
Lansing, T. F.
Castle Jr, W. R.
Mayhen, J.
2nd Corp.
Wichman, H. F
Wall, C. F.
Paullin, J.
Norhon, B.
Hopke, E.
Larsen, G. A.
Harrison, A.
Bowen, W. A.
Grossman, M. E.
Macauley, J. R.
Wenner, A.
Carter, A. W.
Biant, J. G.
Rodick, G.
Girvin. J. W.
Johnson, G.
Walton, C. M.
Frieman, B.
Naone, A. B.
Sharp, A. W.
Nichols, F. E.
Klamp, F.
Leadingham, J.
Dow, H. M.
Lenhardt, M.
Martinus, J.
Walters. E. H. F.
Peffer, A.
McKenney, J.
Kibbling, C.
Hackfeld, J. F.
Laws, H.
Rowe, W.
Cooke, C. M.
Bailey, D. T.
Walker, F. G. E.
1st Corp.
Benner, E.
Hustace Jr, C.
Wakefield, J.
2nd Corp.
Dee, L. H.
Isenberg, P.
Young, J. O.
Petrie. A.
Hashagens, A.
Beardmore, B. F.
Anvick, A. K.
Schmidt, H. W.
Fairer, J. F.
rton, J. B.
Bosselier, C.
Smith, H.
Carty, J.
Rahe, B.
Harris, W. W.
Henry, J. M.
Bradick, O. D.
Turner, A. H.
Archer, F.
Burleigh, E.
Brown, Willard.
Lancaster, H.
Rewcastle, T.
Hyde, C. K.
Singer, L.
Black. T.
Warriner, J. I.
Avilla, M. de.
Tregloan, J. D.
Vergne, H. de la.
Powels, B.
Tregloan, H.
Gulick, O. H.
Thrum, T. G.
Williams, H. H.
Franks, F.
Batchlor, J.
1st Corp.
Taylor, Wray.
Heriat, G.
McBryde, W.
2nd Corp.
in, E. P.
Jansen, F.
Bergstrom, J. W.
Day, F. R.
Wooten, H.
Honon, T.
Rodgers, C. T.
Whitney, B.
Devlin, J.
Monsarrat, M. D.
Morgan, J. F.
Lyons, H. F.
Rose, C N.
Turner, F. J.
Sims, J. M.
Reynolds, A.
Porter, F. F.
Huston, C B
Oat, J. M.
Cartwright, B.
Beseka, F.
Hitchcock, D. H.
Cameron, E. F.
Hocking, A.
Parmelee, H. A.
Auerbach, P.
Herbert, G.
Iaukea, C. P.
Monsarrat, J. M.
Graham, W. M.
Clark, A. W.
Meyers, Dr.
O'Connor, J. F.
King Jr, J. A.
b, J. M.
Whitney, C. J.
Dodge, C. L.
Buckley, J.
Harding, J.
Porter, T. C.
Manson, Geo.
Thompson, J.
Dillingham, Geo.
Smith, W. H.
Curry, R. B.
McLain, J.
Whiting, W. A.
Weyson, Dr.
Smith, Steve.
Lincoln, L. P.
Warson, R, L.
ch, D. W.
Lewers, F. M.
Ruttman, G. H.
Weeks, H.
McDonald, J. J.
Allen, W. F.
Murray, T. B.
Lyons, H. S.
Maddox, G. L.
1st. Corp.
Hilbus, J.
Conn, J. D.
Murphy, F.
2nd. Corp.
Severin, T. P.
Williams, O. S.
Brown, H.
Lamar, D.
Wood, H. S.
Nevens, J. J.
Murray, C. F.
Martin, T.
Hughes, L. M.
Hawkins, C.
Curly, J.
Duvar, H.
Carroll, J.
Newell, F.
Heine, W. H.
Vierra, A.
Doyle, J.
Robertson, H.
Vierra, H.
Donavon, J.
Reilly, J.
dison, C. S.
Anderson, A.
Thomas, C. M.
Garman, H.
Brown, A.
Johnson, J. A.
Kibling, F.
Berndt, E. L.
Smith, A. L.
Hare, M. L.
Burminster, J.
Bowers, Martin.
Hamilton, W. D.
Brundage, C.
Kibling, Capt.
Graef, Otto.
Cooley, J.
oodwin, N.
Perkins, L.
Oudekirk, J.
Honner, S. L.
Krohl, C.
McDonald, P.
Horner, E. W.
Murray, H.
Puilock, J.
Lind, C.
Cunningham, J.
Pickett, J.
Wirand, J.
Adler, L.
Teaque, J.
Deckman, C. F.
Brown, Wm.
Wilson, A.
Lynn, F.
Hoogs, W. H.
Love, W.
1st Corp.
J. Shaw.
Moore, R. I.
Dias, A.
2nd Corp.
Lightfoot, J.
Carden, J.
Masamento, M. S.
Nott Sr, J.
Smith, H.
Camacho, A. C.
Woodward, J.
Gomes, M.
Mederias. M.
u, A. K.
Canvalho, M.
Souza, J. F.
Johnstone, A.
Fuegura, J.
Mederias, A. F.
Tracy, L. E.
Cuders, G.
Batata, J.
Grieve, R.
Assa, J. C.
Quindido, M.
Grieve, L.
Perry, Ant.
Corraa, J.
Bicknell, J.
Alves, F.
Fereira, J.
Fereira, F.
Costa, A. de.
Cooper, F. H.
Guindina, M.
Consels, V.
Howell, J.
Dias, J. P.
Lehman, C.
Crabbe, C. L.
Nunes, M.
Rodriques, A.
Evens, W.
Quintal, J.
Oliver, M. H.
Haley, C.
Silva, J. L. F.
Mederias Jr, M.
Long, R
Simonson, J. V.
Hollaway, J. Q.
Fox, C.
1st. Corp.
Demert, C. R.
Peterson, W. L.
McGurn, W.
2nd. Corp.
Campton, Geo.
Hingley. E.
Kekai, Abr.
Black, J. H.
Sullivan, P.O.
Andrews, C.
Gahan, J. N.
e, H.
Chapin, C.
Robinson, H. D.
Schwanck, J.
Patsig, M.
Merrifield, C. H.
Wallace, K.
Gamble, G.
Sanford, D. F.
McCorriston, D.
Lahilahi, J.
Mutch, Wm.
Ordenstein, B.
Cummings, W. H.
Cluney. J. C.
Cashman, D.
Kealoha, J. M.
way, W. N.
Purdy, C. H.
Bright, J.
Smith, D. B.
Smith, W.
Dias, J.
Schnack. J. H.
Goodman. E. G.
Kaeo, J.
Peterso. C. F.
Bailey, S. J.
Dias, J.
Campbell, W. R.
Cathcart, R. W.
Dumas, J. L.
Farr, Geo. C.
Williams, E.
Lyman, L. C
Neiper, J.
Dwight. C.
Hall, W. H.
Brown, C. L.
Collins, C. R.
Anderson, J. L.
Cash, Chas.
Pratt, J. S. B.
Hedeman, C.
Starky, T. M.
1st. Corp.
Bolte, C.
Hartwell, A. S.
Gran, Geo.
2nd Corp.
, A.
McIntyre, F. P.
Hall, W. W.
Andrews, R. W.
Green, R. J.
Peters, A. V.
Waterhouse, J. T.
Marshall, E. L.
Smith, M.
Green, H. W.
Fuller, A.
Marshall, A. D.
Wilder, S. G.
Jones, E. A.
Keating, J.
Sorenson, T.
Jones, P. C.
ls, H. M.
Egan, J. J.
Atkinson, Jack.
Brigham, W. T.
Bishop, E. F.
Atkinson, R.
Oliveira, A. de.
Hobron, T. W.
Robinson, M. P.
Knudsen, A.
Nott, T.
Gunn, Hugh.
Wiggins, W.
McInerny, W.
Wright, C, L.
Antonio, J.
Holt, H. Von.
se, C.
Piggat, J.
McInerny, J. A.
Long, W.
Jordan, E. W.
Green, Geo. H.
Veary, J.
Upton, F.
1st. Corp.
Lowerence, D.
Dower, J.
Jaegar. C. J.
2nd. Corp.
Voeller, P. J.
Osman, W.
Martin, P.
Nider, A.
ra, M.
Hughes, A. M.
Lambert, C.
Garalba, L.
Brown, A. P.
Lyons, F.
Green, S. A.
Merry, J.
High, P.
McClelland, J.
Joaquin, J.
Magoon, J. A.
McCandless, E. C.
Cabral, J.
Douse. F. G.
Hermansen, A.
Sawyer, J.
Douse, A.
W. F.
Sculley, M. J.
Dotherty, J.
Jarrett, W.
Mossman, E.
Steel. C. E.
Keough, W. M.
Kidder, C.
Downer, W.
Night, H. W.
Augus, Geo.
Sutherland, J.
Act. Sergt.
Brien, W. P. O.
Cooke, F. A.
Graham, J.
1st. C
Copeland, J. T.
Cooke, J. Q.
Hanoval, J.
2nd. Corp.
Davis, D. H.
Donnelly, J.
Holstein, E. C.
Ketchum, C.
Darrell, Thos.
Hawthorn, F.
Ketchum. J.
Doyle. J.
Lewis, W.
McKinnon, P.
Ericksen, S.
Prichard, R.
Morrison, A. J.
iot, W. P.
Swanson, A.
Miller, E. L.
Evans, H.
Stanford, S.
Bulk. A.
Floyd, S.
Scott, J. H.
Berry, H. M.
Renkin, E.
Scott, B. T.
Barr, J. A.
Gregory, J.
McMemanom, D.
Brown, J.
Martin, T.
McCabe, J.
Buckley, A. F.
Cooke, F.
Bryant, J.
Higgins, P.
Anderson, F.
Burnett, C.
Mathews, T.
Dix, W.
Brash, J.
Lowell, Ira
Durn, J. H.
Bolster, A.
Phillips, W.
Disrey, W.
Bolster, W.
White, R.
Dobson, H. H.
Barmister, J.
Wilson, J. P.
McKee, G.
Cunningham, W.
Wilson, C.
Bannister, J.
Clark, C. H.
Gertz, F.
Doyle, J.
Brown, C.
Act. Sergt.
Green, R. I.
Barnet, C.
Reis, J.
Cabral, J.
Bush, A.
Quinn, P.
Cabron, M.
Wolters, A.
Russell, W.
ar, F.
Heller, J.
Rose, Gus.
Gaitar, C.
Ezere, J.
Sullivan, J.
Abbey, W.
Smith, T.
Steiner, Jimmy.
Ihihi, I.
Williams, J.
Williams, J.
Kiki, I.
Dobel, R.
Buchanan, J. T.
Kaanaana, H.
Schmidt, L.
Gunst, J.
Kuliki, C.
Gedeke, J.
Kea, J. M.
Lucas, G.
Muller, J.
Kalei, J.
Mills, J. R.
Smithiers, A. J.
Kihumua, J.
Miner. F.
Ramos, T. N.
Silva, J.
Abel, J.
Olds, J.
Schiefer, F.
Mahaulu, A.
Huihui, W.
Schmidt, J.
Mahaulu, S.
Sullivan, J.
ickerson, J.
Nakuina, J.
Act. Sergt.
Gilfillan, A. F
Nunes, A. F.
Kalaeloa, J.
1st Corp.
Kelly, J. J.
Inas, F.
Kanuha, J.
2nd Corp.
Turner, A. M.
Schmeiden, A.
Kahoalii, A.
Kallberg, A.
Oddt, B.
Hao, J.
T. E.
Evensen, O.
Naapuwai, J.
Thurston, C.
Kaouli, H.
Peter, H.
Irwing, Joe.
Alapai, W.
Wilson, G.
Silva Jr, M. I.
Kamalu, A.
Act. Sergt.
Brown, C.
Rice, Chas.
Wilcox, W. L.
Chase, C. D.
Rice Jr, W. H.
ice, Arthur.
Rice, W. H.
Waterhouse, H.
Johanisen, J.
Dowsett, D. A.
Sorensen, O.
Burnett, Capt.
Dowsett. Ed.
Cowan, Sao.
Vivas, J. M.
Eiken, H. P.
Dove, C. V. E.
Lyle, Alex.
MacIntosh, A. St. M
Norton, C, H. W.
Holt, C.
, Ed. N.
Rose, J.
Kinney, W. A.
Doyle, C. A.
Wilcox. R.
Act. Sergt.
Henry, Wm.
Steward, D.
Adams, H. C.
Coney, C.
Kekipi, Sol.
Kamauna, J.
Rowan, G.
Kailiwai, S
Manoel, A.
Mendonca, J. P.
Rodriques, J.
Priscall. D.
Davis, Rev. J.
Watson, J.
Pahia, F.
Cullen, Pat.
Kawelo, J.
Bell, J.
Cullen, J.
Awa, M. H.
Kapalau, D. M.
Sheldon, J.
Kaohiloahi, J.
Adams, I.
Pahia, Bishop.
Kanaaihele, M.
Pahia, K.
Akue, E. P.
Pahia, Kanaiku.
SQUAD 16. (EWA).
Lowrie, W. J.
Whitehead, O. G.
Behne, C.
1st Corp.
H. G.
Sergger, W. Von.
Dowda, T. O.
2nd Corp.
Patterson, Wm.
Warren, W.
Ward, G.
Lawrie, W. A.
Beck, T.
Christiansen, G.
Petty, D.
McSorley, H.
Lampe, L.
Stoltz. F. L.
Dalton, J.
Engstrom, V.
Fergusen, C.
Hill, C.
Fereira, M.
Bailey, A.
Purdy, J. B.
Favares, J.
Peterson. C. A.
Kanakanui, C. P.
Gouvea. A.
Lennox, C.
Leilehua, J.
Davis, P.
Jones, T.
Kalde'ro, A.
Dean, J.
Childs, R. L.
Mello, M.
Campbell, J.
- + - + - + -
INDEX of NAMES: Republic of Hawai'i Army & Citizens' Guard
Below is an index of names listed as serving the Republic of Hawaii's Army or "Citizens' Guard" as of 1895. Text of rosters taken verbatim from: Towse, Edward (authorship
unlisted). (1895)
The Rebellion of 1895: A Complete History of the Insurrection Against the Republic of Hawaii - List of Officers and Members of the National Guard of Hawaii
and the Citizens' Guard.
(dated 30 Jan 1895), Honolulu: The Hawaiian Star. (roster scan attached)
Abbreviations: Army-GS = Army General Staff; Army-SS = Army First Company Sharpshooters; Guard-Com = Citizens' Guard Command; Others are unit designations.
Aass, Otto. (Guard-3)
Abbey, W. (Guard-12)
Abel, J. (Guard-12)
Ables, L. C. (Army-GStaff)
Adams, H. C. (Guard-15)
Adams, I. (Guard-15)
Adler, L. (Army-A)
Adler, L. (Guard-6)
Aguiar, A. (Army-A)
Akau, A. K. (Guard-7)
Akue, E. P. (Guard-15)
Alapai, W. (Guard-13)
Albert, J. J. (Army-F)
Aldrich, E. C. (Army-D)
Ales, J. R. (Army-C)
Alexander Jr, W. D. (Guard-1)
Alexander, W. D. (Guard-1)
Allardt, C. F. (Guard-1)
Allen, W. F. (Guard-5)
Alves, F. (Guard-7)
Amaral, M. (Guard-1)
Anderson, A. (Guard-6)
Anderson, F. (Guard-11)
Anderson, J. L. (Guard-8)
Anderson, R. W. (Guard-2)
Andrews, C. (Guard-8)
Andrews, R. W. (Guard-9)
Angus, F. B. (Army-B)
Anton, H. (Army-A)
Antonio, J. (Guard-9)
Anvick, A. K. (Guard-4)
Archer, F. (Guard-4)
Armstrong, J. (Army-SS)
Armstrong, W. D. (Army-B)
Ashley, W G. (Army-GStaff)
Ashley, W. G. (Army-D)
Assa, J. C. (Guard-7)
Atherton, C. H. (Army-B)
Atherton, J. B. (Guard-4)
Atkinson, A. (Guard-9)
Atkinson, Jack. (Guard-9)
Atkinson, R. (Guard-9)
Atwater, W. O. (Guard-2)
Auerbach, P. (Guard-5)
Augus, Geo. (Guard-10)
Avilla, M. de. (Guard-4)
Awa, M. H. (Guard-15)
Bailey, A. (Guard-16)
Bailey, D. T. (Guard-4)
Bailey, G. H. (Army-D)
Bailey, H. S. (Army-E)
Bailey, S. J. (Guard-8)
Bamberger, C. (Army-A)
Bannister, J. (Guard-11)
Baptista, M. (Army-C)
Barmister, J. (Guard-11)
Barnet, C. (Guard-12)
Barr, J. A. (Guard-11)
Basse, C. (Guard-9)
Bassiner, H. V. (Army-E)
Batata, J. (Guard-7)
Batchlor, J. (Guard-5)
Beardmore, B. F. (Guard-4)
Beck, T. (Guard-16)
Becker, J. (Army-A)
Beckwith, W. E. (Guard-1)
Behne, C. (Guard-16)
Bell, J. (Guard-15)
Benner, E. (Guard-4)
Bento, F. P. (Army-F)
Bergerson, B. (Army-D)
Bergstrom, J. W. (Guard-5)
Bergstrom, O. (Army-D)
Berlowitz, W. (Guard-2)
Berndt, E. L. (Guard-6)
Berry, H. M. (Guard-11)
Bertizoff. A. (Army-B)
Beseka, F. (Guard-5)
Biant, J. G. (Guard-3)
Bicknell, J. (Guard-7)
Bishop, E. F. (Guard-9)
Bixby, W. M. (Army-E)
Black, J. H. (Guard-8)
Black. T. (Guard-4)
Boatfield, C. (Guard-2)
Bolster, A. (Guard-11)
Bolster, W. (Guard-11)
Bolte, C. (Guard-9)
Borges, M. (Guard-1)
Bortfeld, C. (Army-A)
Bosselier, C. (Guard-4)
Bouk, C. (Army-F)
Bowen, W. A. (Guard-3)
Bowers, Martin. (Guard-6)
Bowes, J. W. (Army-E)
Boyd, W. (Army-D)
Bradick, O. D. (Guard-4)
Brash, J. (Guard-11)
Breham, N. (Guard-1)
Brien, W. P. O. (Guard-11)
Brigham, W. T. (Guard-9)
Bright, A. D. (Army-C)
Bright, J. (Guard-8)
Brown, A. (Guard-6)
Brown, A. P. (Guard-10)
Brown, C. (Guard-11)
Brown, C. (Guard-14)
Brown, C. A. (Guard-2)
Brown, C. L. (Guard-8)
Brown, H. (Guard-6)
Brown, H. C. (Army-D)
Brown, J. (Guard-11)
Brown, J. F. (Guard-1)
Brown, Willard. (Guard-4)
Brown, Wm. (Guard-6)
Brown. D. K. (Army-A)
Bruce, G. (Army-A)
Brundage, C. (Guard-6)
Bryant, J. (Guard-11)
Buchanan, A. (Army-E)
Buchanan, J. T. (Guard-12)
Buckley, A. F. (Guard-11)
Buckley, J. (Guard-5)
Bulk. A. (Guard-11)
Burgett, Iva A. (Army-F)
Burleigh, E. (Guard-4)
Burminster, J. (Guard-6)
Burnett, C. (Guard-11)
Burnett, Capt. (Guard-14)
Burnett, P. H. (Army-D)
Bush, A. (Guard-12)
Busnell, L. (Guard-2)
Butler, H. C. (Army-D)
Cabral, J. (Guard-10)
Cabral, J. (Guard-12)
Cabral, J. (Army-C)
Cabral, M. J. (Army-C)
Cabron, M. (Guard-12)
Caldeira, J. (Army-C)
Camacho, A. C. (Guard-7)
Camacho, J. G. (Army-C)
Camara Jr, J. M. (Army-C)
Cameron, E. F. (Guard-5)
Campbell, B. R. (Army-D)
Campbell, J. (Guard-16)
Campbell, W. R. (Guard-8)
Campton, Geo. (Guard-8)
Cant, E. (Guard-2)
Canvalho, M. (Guard-7)
Carden, J. (Guard-7)
Carlyle, W. W. (Army-E)
Carreiro, J. (Army-C)
Carroll, J. (Guard-6)
Carroll, J. (Army-A)
Carter, A. W. (Guard-3)
Carter, C. L. (Guard-1)
Carter, F. W. (Army-B)
Carter, J. L. (Army-A)
Cartwright, B. (Guard-5)
Carty, J. (Guard-4)
Carvalaho, J. J. (Army-E)
Cash, Chas. (Guard-8)
Cashman, D. (Guard-8)
Cassidy, John. (Army-SS)
Castle Jr, W. R. (Guard-3)
Castle, G. P. (Guard-Com)
Castle, J. B. (Army-SS)
Castle, W. R. (Guard-3)
Cathcart, R. W. (Guard-8)
Cavanaugh, Geo. (Army-B)
Chamberlain, W. (Army-B)
Chapin, C. (Guard-8)
Chapin, E. P. (Guard-5)
Chase, C. D. (Guard-14)
Chaves, J. V. (Army-C)
Childs, R. L. (Guard-16)
Christiansen, G. (Guard-16)
Christley, T. (Army-D)
Clark, A. F. (Army-D)
Clark, A. W. (Guard-5)
Clark, C. H. (Guard-11)
Clay, J. F. (Army-D)
Clifford. F. (Army-SS)
Cluney. J. C. (Guard-8)
Collins, C. R. (Guard-8)
Collins, C. R. (Army-B)
Coney, C. (Guard-15)
Conklin, U. (Army-E)
Conn, J. D. (Guard-6)
Connor. P. O. (Army-E)
Consels, V. (Guard-7)
Cook, H. (Army-F)
Cooke, A. F. (Army-B)
Cooke, C. M. (Guard-4)
Cooke, F. (Guard-11)
Cooke, F. A. (Guard-11)
Cooke, J. Q. (Guard-11)
Cooke, M. (Army-B)
Cooke, T. E. (Guard-13)
Cooley, J. (Guard-6)
Cooper, C. B. (Army-GStaff)
Cooper, F. H. (Guard-7)
Cooper, H. E. (Guard-1)
Copeland, J. T. (Guard-11)
Corbett, D. W. (Army-SS)
Corraa, J. (Guard-7)
Costa Jr, J. (Army-E)
Costa, A. de. (Guard-7)
Costa, J. de. (Army-C)
Costa, M. (Army-C)
Costa, Paul. (Army-C)
Cottrell, C. B. (Army-B)
Cowan, Sao. (Guard-14)
Coyne, A. (Army-E)
Crabbe, C. L. (Guard-7)
Crandell, E. C. (Guard-1)
Crane, C S. (Army-D)
Crane. J. C. (Army-D)
Crockett, A. W. (Guard-1)
Crozier, C. (Army-D)
Crozier, D. (Army-D)
Cuders, G. (Guard-7)
Cullen, J. (Guard-15)
Cullen, Pat. (Guard-15)
Cummings, W. H. (Guard-8)
Cunningham, J. (Guard-6)
Cunningham, W. (Guard-11)
Curly, J. (Guard-6)
Curry, R. B. (Guard-5)
Cutter, F. I. (Army-D)
Dahlstrom, H. (Army-F)
Dalf, J. (Army-A)
Dalton, J. (Guard-16)
Damon. F. B. (Army-SS)
Darrell, Thos. (Guard-11)
Davis, D. H. (Guard-11)
Davis, F. A. (Guard-1)
Davis, H. (Guard-1)
Davis, P. (Guard-16)
Davis, Rev. J. (Guard-15)
Day, F. R. (Guard-5)
de L. Ward, L. (Guard-2)
de la Vergne, H. (Guard-4)
de Miranda, M. R. (Army-C)
Dean, J. (Guard-16)
Decker, S. (Army-A)
Deckman, C. F. (Guard-6)
Dee, L. H. (Guard-4)
Degreaves, J. (Army-F)
Demert, C. R. (Guard-8)
Deniz, M. (Army-C)
Devlin, J. (Guard-5)
Dexter, R. A. (Army-D)
Dias, A. (Guard-7)
Dias, J. (Guard-8)
Dias, J. (Guard-8)
Dias, J. (Army-F)
Dias, J. P. (Guard-7)
Dillingham, B. F. (Guard-1)
Dillingham, Geo. (Guard-5)
Dillingham, W. F. (Army-SS)
Dimond, W. W. (Guard-1)
Disrey, W. (Guard-11)
Dix, W. (Guard-11)
Dobel, R. (Guard-12)
Dobson, H. H. (Guard-11)
Dodge, C. L. (Guard-5)
Dodge, F. S. (Army-SS)
Dole, Sanford B. (Army-GStaff)
Donavon, J. (Guard-6)
Donnelly, J. (Guard-11)
Dotherty, J. (Guard-10)
Douse, A. (Guard-10)
Douse. F. G. (Guard-10)
Dove, C. V. E. (Guard-14)
Dow, H. M. (Guard-3)
Dowda, T. O. (Guard-16)
Dower, J. (Guard-10)
Downer, W. (Guard-10)
Dowsett, D. A. (Guard-14)
Dowsett. Ed. (Guard-14)
Doyle, C. A. (Guard-14)
Doyle, J. (Guard-6)
Doyle, J. (Guard-11)
Doyle. J. (Guard-11)
Drummond, M. H. (Army-D)
Du Roi, C. (Army-B)
Duarte, A. (Army-F)
Dumas, J. L. (Guard-8)
Dunbar, E. (Army-E)
Durn, J. H. (Guard-11)
Duschalsky, R. (Army-F)
Dushalsky, J. (Army-A)
Dushalsky, J. L. (Army-A)
Duvar, H. (Guard-6)
Dwight. C. (Guard-8)
Edison, C. S. (Guard-6)
Edwards, G. L. (Army-B)
Effinger, J. (Army-D)
Egan, J. J. (Guard-9)
Eiken, H. P. (Guard-14)
Eklund, C. E. (Army-E)
Ellenberg, C. (Army-F)
Elliot, W. P. (Guard-11)
Elson, J. D. (Army-E)
Elvin, C. (Army-E)
Emerson, Dr. N. B. (Army-SS)
Emerson, J. S. (Army-SS)
Emerson. Rev. O. P. (Army-SS)
Emmeluth, J. (Army-A)
Engstrom, V. (Guard-16)
Ericksen, S. (Guard-11)
Evans, H. (Guard-11)
Evans, H. (Army-D)
Evens, W. (Guard-7)
Evensen, O. (Guard-13)
Evenson, J. (Army-F)
Everett, C. H. (Army-D)
Evers, J. J. (Guard-1)
Ezere, J. (Guard-12)
Fagerroos, V. J. (Army-D)
Fairer, J. F. (Guard-4)
Faneul, C. J. (Army-D)
Faria, A. J. (Army-C)
Faria, J. A. (Army-E)
Faria, M. G. (Army-C)
Farnsworth, John. (Army-SS)
Farr, Geo. C. (Guard-8)
Favares, J. (Guard-16)
Fennemann, B. (Army-A)
Ferbe, H. (Guard-8)
Fereira, F. (Guard-7)
Fereira, J. (Guard-7)
Fereira, M. (Guard-10)
Fereira, M. (Guard-16)
Fergusen, C. (Guard-16)
Fernandes, J. (Guard-1)
Fernandes, J. (Army-C)
Fernandes, L. (Army-C)
Fernandes, V. (Guard-7)
Ferreira, J. (Army-C)
Ferreira, J. M. (Army-C)
Ferrel, W. F. (Guard-10)
Ferry, F. (Army-F)
Fetter, E. (Army-A)
Fetter, O. (Army-A)
Fetter, W. (Army-A)
Fishel, C. J. (Guard-2)
Fisher, A. (Army-E)
Fisher, J. H. (Army-GStaff)
Fitsimmons, A. R. (Army-F)
Floyd, S. (Guard-11)
Flynn, C. O. (Army-F)
Forbes, W. J. (Army-SS)
Forest, Thos. (Guard-1)
Foster, C. M. V. (Army-B)
Fowler, M. (Army-E)
Fox, C. (Guard-8)
France, F. (Army-F)
Franks, F. (Guard-5)
Frasher, C. E. (Army-B)
Frear, W. F. (Guard-1)
Fredersdorff, R. (Army-F)
Freitas, F. (Army-C)
Frey, E. (Army-F)
Friel, W. (Army-E)
Frieman, B. (Guard-3)
Frien, P. J. (Army-B)
Fuegura, J. (Guard-7)
Fuller, A. (Guard-9)
Fuller, J. H. (Army-E)
Gahan, J. N. (Guard-8)
Gaitar, C. (Guard-12)
Gallagher, H. G. (Guard-16)
Gamble, G. (Guard-8)
Garalba, L. (Guard-10)
Garcial, J. (Army-C)
Garman, H. (Guard-6)
Gartenberg, A. (Army-GStaff)
Gaspar, J. (Army-E)
Gedeke, J. (Guard-12)
Gedge, N. (Guard-1)
Gepput, A. (Army-E)
Gere, G. H. (Army-D)
Gertz, F. (Guard-11)
Gibbs, A. T. (Army-D)
Gibson, Jas. (Army-SS)
Giles, H. A. (Army-B)
Gilfillan, A. F (Guard-13)
Gilfillan, Archie. (Army-SS)
Gillis, J. (Army-E)
Gilman, J. A. (Guard-1)
Girvin. J. W. (Guard-3)
Gobear, F. (Guard-12)
Goes, M. C. (Army-C)
Gomes, Ant. (Army-C)
Gomes, F. (Army-F)
Gomes, J. M. (Guard-1)
Gomes, John. (Army-C)
Gomes, M. (Guard-7)
Gomes, M. (Army-C)
Gonsalves, A. (Guard-1)
Gonsalves, J. A. (Army-C)
Gonsalves, M. A. (Guard-1)
Gonveia Jr, J. (Army-C)
Good, John Jr. (Army-E)
Goodman, G. (Army-E)
Goodman. E. G. (Guard-8)
Goodwin, N. (Guard-6)
Gouvea. A. (Guard-16)
Govea, J. (1) (Army-E)
Govea, J. (2) (Army-E)
Grace, John. (Army-SS)
Graef, Otto. (Guard-6)
Graham, J. (Guard-11)
Graham, W. M. (Guard-5)
Gran, Geo. (Guard-9)
Gravier, A. (Army-A)
Gray, C. B. (Army-B)
Gray, M. (Army-F)
Green, Geo. H. (Guard-10)
Green, H. W. (Guard-9)
Green, R. I. (Guard-12)
Green, R. J. (Guard-9)
Green, S. A. (Guard-10)
Gregory, J. (Guard-11)
Grieve, L. (Guard-7)
Grieve, R. (Guard-7)
Grossman, M. E. (Guard-3)
Guindina, M. (Guard-7)
Guindinho, A. (Army-E)
Guindinho, Joe. (Army-C)
Guindinho, M. (Army-C)
Guindinho, M. C. (Army-C)
Gulick, O. H. (Guard-4)
Gumpfer, S. (Army-A)
Gumpper, A. (Army-D)
Gumpter, H. (Army-F)
Gundersen, A. (Army-F)
Gunn, Hugh. (Guard-9)
Gunst, J. (Guard-12)
Gunther, Gus. (Army-F)
Hackfeld, J. F. (Guard-3)
Hagens, J. F. C. (Army-B)
Haley, C. (Guard-7)
Hall, W. H. (Guard-8)
Hall, W. W. (Army-GStaff)
Hall, W. W. (Guard-9)
Hall. C. S. (Army-B)
Halstead, R. W. (Army-B)
Halverson, John (Army-F)
Hamilton, W. D. (Guard-6)
Hammer, A. (Army-D)
Hammer, T. (Army-B)
Hanoval, J. (Guard-11)
Hao, J. (Guard-13)
Harding, J. (Guard-5)
Harding, J. (Army-B)
Hare, M. L. (Guard-6)
Harris, W. W. (Guard-4)
Harrison, A. (Guard-3)
Hartwell, A. S. (Guard-9)
Hashagens, A. (Guard-4)
Hasselbring, A. (Army-F)
Havengill, L. D. (Guard-1)
Hawkins, C. (Guard-6)
Hawthorn, F. (Guard-11)
Hedeman, C. (Guard-9)
Heine, W. H. (Guard-6)
Held, L. L. (Army-F)
Heller, J. (Guard-12)
Hellickson, J. (Guard-11)
Hendricksen, A. (Guard-16)
Henricksen, J. (Army-D)
Henry, J. M. (Guard-4)
Henry, Wm. (Guard-15)
Herbert, G. (Guard-5)
Heriat, G. (Guard-5)
Hermansen, A. (Guard-10)
Herrick, W. E. (Army-E)
Herskind, C. (Army-F)
Hickey, F. (Army-D)
Higgins, P. (Guard-11)
High, P. (Guard-10)
Hilbron, W. (Army-D)
Hilbus, J. (Guard-6)
Hill, A. (Army-A)
Hill, C. (Guard-16)
Hill, G. M. (Army-D)
Hingley. E. (Guard-8)
Hitchcock, D. H. (Guard-5)
Hitchcock, Ed. N. (Guard-14)
Hobron, T. W. (Guard-9)
Hocking, A. (Guard-5)
Hollaway, J. Q. (Guard-8)
Holstein, E. C. (Guard-11)
Holt, C. (Guard-14)
Holt, H. Von. (Guard-9)
Honeik, F. (Army-A)
Honner, S. L. (Guard-6)
Honon, T. (Guard-5)
Hoogs, W. H. (Guard-7)
Hopke, E. (Guard-3)
Horner, E. W. (Guard-6)
Hosmer, Prof. F. A. (Army-SS)
Hough, L. H. (Army-GStaff)
Howard, W. S. (Army-B)
Howell, J. (Guard-7)
Hughes, A. M. (Guard-10)
Hughes, L. M. (Guard-6)
Hughs, P. J. (Army-B)
Huihui, W. (Guard-12)
Humburg. J. (Guard-2)
Hustace Frank. (Army-SS)
Hustace Jr, C. (Guard-4)
Huston, C B. (Guard-5)
Hutchins, A. G. (Guard-1)
Hyde, C. K. (Guard-4)
Iaukea, C. P. (Guard-5)
Ihihi, I. (Guard-12)
Inas, F. (Guard-13)
Iosepa, J. (Army-A)
Irwing, Joe. (Guard-13)
Isenberg, P. (Guard-4)
J. Shaw. (Guard-7)
Jacobsen. N. O. (Guard-2)
Jacobson, E. A. (Army-B)
Jaegar. C. J. (Guard-10)
Jansen, F. (Guard-5)
Jarrett, W. (Guard-10)
Joaquin, Ant. (Army-C)
Joaquin, J. (Guard-10)
Johanisen, J. (Guard-14)
Johansen, C. L. (Army-F)
Johanson, A. K. (Army-E)
John Kidwell. (Army-SS)
Johnson, C. (Army-SS)
Johnson, F. (Army-F)
Johnson, G. (Guard-3)
Johnson, J. A. (Guard-6)
Johnson, J. A. (Army-D)
Johnson, L. M. (Army-D)
Johnson, M. G. (Army-B)
Johnson, O. C. (Army-E)
Johnson, P. (Army-B)
Johnson, Sam. (Army-F)
Johnson, W. H. (Army-B)
Johnson, W. P. (Army-D)
Johnson, W. R. (Army-D)
Johnstone, A. (Guard-7)
Jones, E. A. (Guard-9)
Jones, J. W. (Army-D)
Jones, P. C. (Guard-9)
Jones, T. (Guard-16)
Jones. W. A. (Army-E)
Jordan, E. W. (Guard-9)
Joseph. L. (Guard-2)
Judd, Allen. (Army-SS)
Kaanaana, H. (Guard-12)
Kaeo, J. (Guard-8)
Kahoalii, A. (Guard-13)
Kailaa. (Guard-15)
Kailiwai, S. (Guard-15)
Kailiwai. (Guard-15)
Kaiser, C. (Guard-12)
Kalaeloa, J. (Guard-13)
Kalauawa. (Guard-15)
Kalde'ro, A. (Guard-16)
Kalei, J. (Guard-12)
Kalei. (Guard-15)
Kallberg, A. (Guard-13)
Kamaka, S. (Army-A)
Kamalu, A. (Guard-13)
Kamauna, J. (Guard-15)
Kanaaihele, M. (Guard-15)
Kanakanui, C. P. (Guard-16)
Kane. (Guard-15)
Kanohoano. (Guard-15)
Kanuha, J. (Guard-13)
Kanuu, J. (Army-A)
Kaohiloahi, J. (Guard-15)
Kaouli, H. (Guard-13)
Kapalau, D. M. (Guard-15)
Kaupi. (Guard-15)
Kawelo, J. (Guard-15)
Kea, J. M. (Guard-12)
Kealoha, J. M. (Guard-8)
Kealoha. (Guard-15)
Keating, J. (Guard-9)
Keech, A. W. (Army-SS)
Kekai, Abr. (Guard-8)
Kekipi, Sol. (Guard-15)
Keliipio, L.D. (Army-A)
Kelly, J. J. (Guard-13)
Kenake, L. (Army-B)
Kennedy, J. A. (Army-D)
Keough, W. M. (Guard-10)
Ketchum, C. (Guard-11)
Ketchum. J. (Guard-11)
Kibbling, C. (Guard-3)
Kibling, Capt. (Guard-6)
Kibling, F. (Guard-6)
Kidd, Alex. (Guard-1)
Kidder, C. (Guard-10)
Kihumua, J. (Guard-12)
Kiki, I. (Guard-12)
Kilby, F. H. (Army-D)
King Jr, J. A. (Guard-5)
King, G. W. R. (Army-E)
King, T. J. (Guard-2)
King, Thos. (Army-F)
King, W. C. (Army-GStaff)
Kinney, W. A. (Army-GStaff)
Kinney, W. A. (Guard-14)
Klamp, F. (Guard-3)
Klugel, C. H. (Guard-1)
Klugel, Geo. (Army-B)
Knudsen, A. (Guard-9)
Knudson, O. (Army-A)
Kraft, A. (Guard-2)
Krager. C. (Army-D)
Krohl, C. (Guard-6)
Kruger, F. (Guard-2)
Kuliki, C. (Guard-12)
La Pierra, L. L. (Army-SS)
Ladiges, E. R. (Army-E)
Lahilahi, J. (Guard-8)
Lamar, D. (Guard-6)
Lambert, C. (Guard-10)
Lampe, L. (Guard-16)
Lancaster, H. (Guard-4)
Lang, J. G. (Army-D)
Lansing, T. F. (Guard-3)
Larsen, G. A. (Guard-3)
Lawler. F. (Army-D)
Lawrence. W. (Army-A)
Lawrie, W. A. (Guard-16)
Laws, H. (Army-GStaff)
Laws, H. (Guard-3)
Le Clair, E. (Guard-2)
Leadingham, J. (Guard-3)
Lecker, J. J. (Army-A)
Lee, W. (Army-B)
Lehman, C. (Guard-7)
Leilehua, J. (Guard-16)
Lenhardt, M. (Guard-3)
Lennox, C. (Guard-16)
Leslie, Fred. L. (Army-SS)
Levy, M. S. (Guard-2)
Lewers, F. M. (Guard-5)
Lewis, H. (Army-B)
Lewis, W. (Guard-11)
Lightfoot, J. (Guard-7)
Lillie, R. I. (Guard-2)
Lincoln, L. P. (Guard-5)
Lind, C. (Guard-6)
Lindo, Ant. (Army-C)
Loman, C. (Army-F)
Long, R. (Guard-7)
Long, W. (Guard-9)
Lopez, Joe. (Army-C)
Lorenzen, F. C. (Guard-2)
Louisson, S. (Army-D)
Lounsbury, W. C. (Army-B)
Love, W. (Guard-7)
Lowell, Ira (Guard-11)
Lowerence, D. (Guard-10)
Lowrey, F. J. (Guard-3)
Lowrie, W. J. (Guard-16)
Lubeck, C. (Army-E)
Lubeck, H. (Army-E)
Lucas, G. (Guard-12)
Lucas, J. (Guard-2)
Luddeke, W. (Army-F)
Ludewig, H. (Army-F)
Luscomb, H. (Army-D)
Lycett, J. (Guard-2)
Lycett, W. B. (Army-A)
Lyle, Alex. (Guard-14)
Lyman, F. (Guard-2)
Lyman, L. C. (Guard-8)
Lynn, F. (Guard-6)
Lyons, A. B. (Guard-1)
Lyons, C. J. (Guard-1)
Lyons, Dan. (Army-SS)
Lyons, F. (Guard-10)
Lyons, H. F. (Guard-5)
Lyons, H. S. (Guard-6)
Macario. Ant. (Army-C)
Macauley, J. R. (Guard-3)
Machado, J. (Army-E)
Machado, J. (Army-C)
Machado, John (Army-C)
MacIntosh, A. St. M (Guard-14)
Madaira, F. F. (Army-E)
Maddox, G. L. (Guard-6)
Magoon, J. A. (Guard-10)
Magoon, J. A. (Army-SS)
Mahaulu, A. (Guard-12)
Mahaulu, S. (Guard-12)
Mahelona, J. W. (Army-A)
Mahoa. (Guard-15)
Mailikini. (Guard-15)
Manners, A. H. (Army-A)
Manoel, A. (Guard-15)
Manson, Geo. (Guard-5)
Manuel. (Guard-15)
Marks, L. (Guard-2)
Marsden. Jos. (Army-SS)
Marshal, A. (Guard-1)
Marshall, A. D. (Guard-9)
Marshall, E. L. (Guard-9)
Martin, E. (Army-B)
Martin, J. S. (Army-SS)
Martin, P. (Guard-10)
Martin, T. (Guard-6)
Martin, T. (Guard-11)
Martins, J. (Army-C)
Martinus, J. (Guard-3)
Marx, B. S. (Army-B)
Masamento, M. S. (Guard-7)
Mason, W. H. (Guard-1)
Mathews, T. (Guard-11)
Matos, D. J. L. (Army-C)
Matos, J. (Guard-1)
Matos, J. S. (Guard-1)
Mayhen, J. (Guard-3)
McAngus, A. (Guard-1)
McAulton, A. (Army-F)
McBryde, W. (Guard-5)
McCabe, J. (Guard-11)
McCandless, C. J. (Army-B)
McCandless, E. C. (Guard-10)
McCandless, E. J. (Army-B)
McCandless, J. A. (Army-SS)
McCandless, J. S. (Army-SS)
McCandless, L L. (Army-SS)
McCandless, Wm. (Army-SS)
McChesney, Fred. (Army-SS)
McChesney, J. M. (Army-SS)
McClellan, A. (Army-F)
McClelland, J. (Guard-10)
McCorriston, D. (Guard-8)
McDonald, J. J. (Guard-5)
McDonald, P. (Guard-6)
McDonald. W. E. (Army-E)
McGowan, W. A. K. (Army-E)
McGurn, W. (Guard-8)
McInerny, E. A. (Army-D)
McInerny, J. A. (Guard-9)
McInerny, W. (Guard-9)
McIntyre, F. P. (Guard-9)
McKeague, J. H. (Army-F)
McKeague, S. (Guard-2)
McKee, G. H. (Guard-11)
McKenney, J. (Guard-3)
McKinnon, P. (Guard-11)
McLain, J. (Guard-5)
McLean, Jas. (Army-SS)
McMemanom, D. (Guard-11)
McSorley, H. (Guard-16)
McStocker, F. B. (Guard-Com)
McVeigh, J. D. (Army-SS)
Mearns, T. (Army-D)
Mederias Jr, M. (Guard-7)
Mederias, A. F. (Guard-7)
Mederias. M. (Guard-7)
Meine, H. (Army-A)
Melin, Theo. P. (Army-C)
Mello, M. (Army-C)
Mello, M. (Guard-16)
Mendonca, J. P. (Guard-15)
Merrifield, C. H. (Guard-8)
Merry, J. (Guard-10)
Meyers, Dr. (Guard-5)
Middleton, J. A. (Army-E)
Miller, E. L. (Guard-11)
Miller, J. W. S. (Army-E)
Miller. E. E. (Army-E)
Mills, J. R. (Guard-12)
Milton, G. (Army-A)
Miner. F. (Guard-12)
Moldenhaver, P. (Army-A)
Monsarrat, J. M. (Guard-5)
Monsarrat, M. D. (Guard-5)
Monsarrat, W. F. (Army-SS)
Montano, A. A. (Guard-1)
Monte, M. R. (Army-C)
Moore, L. A. (Army-E)
Moore, R. I. (Guard-7)
Morgan, J. F. (Guard-5)
Morris, J. (Army-A)
Morrison, A. J. (Guard-11)
Mossman, E. (Guard-10)
Mossman, H. J. (Army-D)
Mukuhia. (Guard-15)
Mulholland, J. (Army-F)
Mulleitner, C. (Army-F)
Muller, J. (Guard-12)
Murphy, A. E. (Army-SS)
Murphy, F. (Guard-6)
Murphy, P. (Army-D)
Murray, C. F. (Guard-6)
Murray, H. (Guard-6)
Murray, T. B. (Guard-6)
Mutch, Wm. (Guard-8)
Myers, H. C. (Army-GStaff)
Myers, L. (Army-F)
Myhre, H. (Army-D)
Naapuwai, J. (Guard-13)
Nakuina, J. (Guard-12)
Nalor, J. W. (Army-F)
Naone, A. B. (Guard-3)
Naone. D. L. (Army-A)
Naylor, H. S. (Army-F)
Neely, A. W. (Army-E)
Neiper, J. (Guard-8)
Neldner, C. (Army-B)
Nelson, G. (Army-D)
Nevens, J. J. (Guard-6)
Newby, L. (Army-D)
Newell, F. (Guard-6)
Nichol, A. E. (Army-SS)
Nichols, F. E. (Guard-3)
Nider, A. (Guard-10)
Night, H. W. (Guard-10)
Nightingale, J. F. (Guard-2)
Nobriga, J. F. (Army-C)
Norhon, B. (Guard-3)
Norton, C, H. W. (Guard-14)
Nott Sr, J. (Guard-7)
Nott, T. (Guard-9)
Nott, W. (Army-D)
Nunana. (Guard-15)
Nunes, A. F. (Guard-13)
Nunes, M. (Guard-7)
Oat, F. B. (Army-D)
Oat, J. M. (Guard-5)
O'Connor, J. (Army-D)
O'Connor, J. F. (Guard-5)
Oddt, B. (Guard-13)
O'Halloran, M. F. (Army-D)
Olds, J. (Guard-12)
Oliveira, A. de. (Guard-9)
Oliver, M. H. (Guard-7)
Olsen, E. (Army-B)
Ordenstein, B. (Guard-8)
Ordway, W. N. (Guard-8)
Osman, W. (Guard-10)
Osmer, J. L. (Army-A)
Otterson, G. (Army-B)
Oudekirk, J. (Guard-6)
Pacheco, M. C. (Army-C)
Padgett, H. S. (Army-D)
Pahia, Bishop. (Guard-15)
Pahia, F. (Guard-15)
Pahia, K. (Guard-15)
Pahia, Kanaiku. (Guard-15)
Pannenberg, P. (Army-A)
Paris, E. H. (Guard-2)
Parke, W. C. (Guard-2)
Parker, F. N. (Guard-1)
Parmelee, H. A. (Guard-5)
Patsig, M. (Guard-8)
Patterson, Wm. (Guard-16)
Paullin, J. (Guard-3)
Peck, Rev. H. W. (Army-SS)
Peffer, A. (Guard-3)
Pereira, Luiz J. (Army-C)
Peres, J. (Guard-1)
Perkins, L. (Guard-6)
Perreria, C. R. (Army-F)
Perry, Ant. (Guard-7)
Pestano, J. C. (Guard-1)
Peter, H. (Guard-13)
Peters, A. V. (Guard-9)
Peterso. C. F. (Guard-8)
Peterson, R. C. A. (Guard-Com)
Peterson, W. (Army-F)
Peterson, W. L. (Guard-8)
Peterson. C. A. (Guard-16)
Petrie, F. H. (Army-B)
Petrie. A. (Guard-4)
Petty, D. (Guard-16)
Pfeiffer, C. H. (Army-B)
Philip, M. (Army-SS)
Phillips, A. (Army-F)
Phillips, M. (Army-D)
Phillips, W. (Guard-7)
Phillips, W. (Guard-11)
Philp, F. (Guard-1)
Pickett, J. (Guard-6)
Pierson, G. (Army-F)
Piggat, J. (Guard-9)
Pimental, L. (Army-E)
Podeyn, K. (Army-B)
Polaai. (Guard-15)
Pond, W. H. (Army-B)
Porter, F. F. (Guard-5)
Porter, T. C. (Guard-5)
Potter, Geo. C. (Army-GStaff)
Powell, J. (Army-D)
Powels, B. (Guard-4)
Pratt, J. S. B. (Guard-9)
Pratt, J. W. (Army-GStaff)
Pregil, John G. (Army-C)
Pregil, Jose G. (Army-C)
Prescott, A. S. (Army-B)
Prichard, R. (Guard-11)
Priscall. D. (Guard-15)
Puerta, Juan. (Army-C)
Puilock, J. (Guard-6)
Purdy, C. H. (Guard-8)
Purdy, H. (Guard-1)
Purdy, J. B. (Guard-16)
Quindido, M. (Guard-7)
Quinn, P. (Guard-12)
Quintal, J. (Guard-7)
Quintal, J. A. (Army-C)
Rahe, B. (Guard-4)
Rais, A. (Guard-1)
Ramos, T. N. (Guard-12)
Ramsey, C. H. (Army-D)
Ratke, H. (Army-A)
Reade, H. M. (Army-F)
Reilly, J. (Guard-6)
Reis, J. (Guard-12)
Renkin, E. (Guard-11)
Rewcastle, T. (Guard-4)
Reynolds, A. (Guard-5)
Reynolds, C. B. (Army-B)
Rice Jr, W. H. (Guard-14)
Rice, Arthur. (Guard-14)
Rice, C. A. (Army-SS)
Rice, Chas. (Guard-14)
Rice, W. H. (Guard-14)
Rice, W. H. Jr. (Army-B)
Ripley, C. B. (Guard-Com)
Roach, D. W. (Guard-5)
Robertson, Geo. H. (Guard-1)
Robertson, H. (Guard-6)
Robinson, H. D. (Guard-8)
Robinson, M. P. (Guard-9)
Rodgers, C. T. (Guard-5)
Rodick, G. (Guard-3)
Rodrigues, J. (1). (Army-C)
Rodrigues, J. (2). (Army-C)
Rodrigues, M. (Army-C)
Rodriques, A. (Guard-7)
Rodriques, J. (Guard-15)
Rodriques. J. P. (Guard-1)
Rose, C N. (Guard-5)
Rose, Gus. (Guard-12)
Rose, J. (Guard-14)
Ross, G. C. (Army-D)
Rowald, F. (Army-A)
Rowan, G. (Guard-15)
Rowe, R. L. (Guard-1)
Rowe, W. (Guard-3)
Rowell, W. E. (Army-D)
Roza, J. F. (Army-C)
Rumsey, F. L. (Army-D)
Russell, W. (Guard-12)
Ruttman, G. H. (Guard-5)
Sachs, N. S. (Guard-3)
Salter, S. J. (Army-D)
Sanford, D. F. (Guard-8)
Sanford, J. H. (Army-D)
Santo, J. E. (Army-C)
Santo, John E. (Army-C)
Saunders, M. W. (Army-SS)
Sawyer, J. (Guard-10)
Schaefer, A. (Army-F)
Schafer, J. (Army-E)
Schiefer, F. (Guard-12)
Schlief, J. (Guard-2)
Schmeiden, A. (Guard-13)
Schmidt, H. W. (Guard-4)
Schmidt, J. (Guard-12)
Schmidt, L. (Guard-12)
Schmidt, W. F. (Army-B)
Schnack. J. H. (Guard-8)
Schneider, B. (Army-A)
Schultze, H. (Guard-2)
Schuman. G. (Army-SS)
Schwanck, J. (Guard-8)
Scott, B. T. (Guard-11)
Scott, G. W. (Army-A)
Scott, I. J. (Army-D)
Scott, J. H. (Guard-11)
Scott, John F. (Army-SS)
Scott, M. M. (Guard-1)
Sculley, M. J. (Guard-10)
Sergger, W. Von. (Guard-16)
Severin, T. P. (Guard-6)
Seybold. J. (Army-E)
Sharp, A. W. (Guard-3)
Sheldon, J. (Guard-15)
Shepherd, P. P. (Guard-2)
Sherin, Jas. (Army-B)
Short, J. W. (Army-E)
Siegener, L. (Army-A)
Silva Jr, M. I. (Guard-13)
Silva, A. C. (Army-C)
Silva, Ernest. (Army-C)
Silva, Fred. (Army-C)
Silva, J. (Guard-12)
Silva, J. (Army-C)
Silva, J. L. F. (Army-C)
Silva, J. L. F. (Guard-7)
Silva, M. (Army-C)
Simonson, J. V. (Guard-8)
Sims, J. M. (Guard-5)
Sims, W. R. (Army-D)
Singer, L. (Guard-4)
Smith Armstrong. (Army-B)
Smith, A. L. (Guard-6)
Smith, D. B. (Guard-8)
Smith, G. W. (Army-D)
Smith, H. (Guard-4)
Smith, H. (Guard-7)
Smith, M. (Guard-9)
Smith, Man'l. (Guard-1)
Smith, P. (Army-A)
Smith, Steve. (Guard-5)
Smith, T. (Guard-12)
Smith, Thos. (Guard-2)
Smith, W. (Guard-8)
Smith, W. A. (Army-F)
Smith, W. H. (Guard-5)
Smith, W. H. (Army-A)
Smith. F. C. (Army-D)
Smith. W. J. (Army-E)
Smithiers, A. J. (Guard-12)
Soper, John H. (Army-GStaff)
Sorensen, O. (Guard-14)
Sorenson, T. (Guard-9)
Sousa, P. (Army-A)
Souza, A. F. (Army-C)
Souza, J. F. (Guard-7)
Spaulding, E. I. (Guard-1)
Spooner, W. (Army-D)
Stackable, E. R. (Army-B)
Staker, W. E. (Army-A)
Standen, H. (Army-D)
Stanford, S. (Guard-11)
Stanley, W. H. (Army-B)
Stanmore, A. P. (Army-E)
Stanton, E. (Army-F)
Starky, T. M. (Guard-9)
Steel. C. E. (Guard-10)
Steiner, Jimmy. (Guard-12)
Stenginnsen, E. (Army-E)
Sterling, C. (Guard-2)
Steward, D. (Guard-15)
Stineman, C. (Army-F)
Stoltz. F. L. (Guard-16)
Storery, W. F. (Army-B)
Strachen, H. T. (Army-B)
Stratemeyer, Geo. C. (Guard-Com)
Sullivan, J. (Guard-12)
Sullivan, J. (Guard-12)
Sullivan, P.O. (Guard-8)
Sutherland, J. (Guard-10)
Svenson, J. M. (Army-F)
Swanson, A. (Guard-11)
Swift, H. A. (Army-A)
Sylva, A. (Army-E)
Taylor, H. A. (Army-E)
Taylor, H. T. (Guard-1)
Taylor, Wray. (Guard-5)
Teaque, J. (Guard-6)
Temis, F. G. (Guard-1)
Tempelton, W. N. (Army-B)
Tenney, E. D. (Guard-2)
Thomas, C. M. (Guard-6)
Thompson, J. (Guard-5)
Thompson, J. G. (Army-B)
Thorston, G. (Army-E)
Thrum, D. (Army-B)
Thrum, F. W. (Army-B)
Thrum, T. G. (Guard-4)
Thurston, C. (Guard-13)
Tideman, O. (Army-D)
Tillander, O. (Guard-2)
Timmons, L. D. (Army-D)
Torbert, J. L. (Army-D)
Towse, Ed. (Army-GStaff)
Tracy, C. H. (Army-B)
Tracy, L. E. (Guard-7)
Tregloan, H. (Guard-4)
Tregloan, J. D. (Guard-4)
Truka, J. (Army-F)
Tucker, J. D. (Army-D)
Turner, A. H. (Guard-4)
Turner, A. M. (Guard-13)
Turner, F. J. (Guard-5)
Turner, W. (Army-F)
Upton, F. (Guard-10)
Van Camp, I. (Army-B)
Varina, N. (Army-A)
Veary, J. (Guard-10)
Vierra, A. (Guard-6)
Vierra, C. (Army-F)
Vierra, H. (Guard-6)
Vivas, J. M. (Guard-14)
Vivishaves, J. (Army-F)
Voeller, P. J. (Guard-10)
Vollberg, H. (Army-F)
Von Berg, S. (Army-F)
Wagner, C. (Army-F)
Waity, H. T. (Army-B)
Wakefield, J. (Guard-4)
Walker, F. G. E. (Guard-4)
Wall, C. F. (Guard-3)
Wall, C. J. (Army-SS)
Wall, Thos. E. (Army-B)
Wall, W. A. (Army-SS)
Wall. O. E. (Army-SS)
Wall. W. E. (Army-SS)
Wallace, K. (Guard-8)
Walters. E. H. F. (Guard-3)
Walton, C. M. (Guard-3)
Ward, G. (Guard-16)
Warner. F. (Army-E)
Warren, W. (Guard-16)
Warriner, J. I. (Guard-4)
Warson, R, L. (Guard-5)
Warson, R. L. (Army-SS)
Waterhouse, F. (Army-B)
Waterhouse, H. (Guard-14)
Waterhouse, J. T. (Guard-9)
Watson, G. (Army-A)
Watson, J. (Guard-15)
Wayson, Dr. (Army-B)
Webb, J. M. (Guard-5)
Weedon, W. C. (Army-B)
Weeks, H. (Guard-5)
Weight, C. S. (Army-B)
Weimann, C. (Army-A)
Wells, C. B. (Army-F)
Wells, H. M. (Guard-9)
Wenner, A. (Guard-3)
Werriek, A. (Guard-1)
Westbrook, J. E. (Army-D)
Westorby, R. B. (Army-D)
Wetherbee, J. B. (Army-E)
Weyson, Dr. (Guard-5)
White, E. O. (Army-B)
White, R. (Guard-11)
Whitehead, O. G. (Guard-16)
Whiting, W. A. (Army-GStaff)
Whiting, W. A. (Guard-5)
Whitney, B. (Guard-5)
Whitney, C. J. (Guard-5)
Whitney, J. M. (Guard-1)
Whitney, J. W. (Army-SS)
Wichman, H. F. (Guard-3)
Wickander, F. (Army-D)
Wickerson, J. (Guard-12)
Wieland, C. (Army-A)
Wiggins, W. (Guard-9)
Wight, Wm. (Army-B)
Wilcox, W. L. (Guard-14)
Wilcox. R. (Guard-14)
Wilder, H. A. (Army-D)
Wilder, S. G. (Guard-9)
Wilder, W. C. (Army-D)
Wilder, W. C. (Guard-2)
Wilhelm. F. (Guard-1)
Wilkinson, W. H. (Army-SS)
Williams, C. (Army-D)
Williams, E. (Guard-8)
Williams, H. H. (Guard-5)
Williams, J. (Guard-12)
Williams, J. (Guard-12)
Williams, J. J. (Guard-2)
Williams, O. S. (Guard-6)
Wilson, A. (Guard-6)
Wilson, C. (Guard-11)
Wilson, G. (Guard-13)
Wilson, J. P. (Guard-11)
Winston, E. C. (Army-SS)
Wirand, J. (Guard-6)
Wolfe, C. F. (Guard-2)
Wolters, A. (Guard-12)
Wood, A. B. (Army-SS)
Wood, C. B. (Guard-Com)
Wood, H. S. (Guard-6)
Woodward, J. (Guard-7)
Wooten, H. (Guard-5)
Wright, C, L. (Guard-9)
Wright, J. N. (Guard-1)
Wright, W. (Army-B)
Young Jr, A. (Guard-1)
Young, J. O. (Guard-4)
Zablan, B. (Army-A)
Zeigler, C. W. (Army-F)